Thursday, December 31, 2015

Have you ever had darkness argue with the light when it was turned on? It seems incredulous!

Why is it then, when it comes to experiencing insight, or an “aha” moment, (which is related to light), we don’t seem to have a problem with casting it aside. Of course, not every thought that comes our way qualifies as an “insight”. To make my point, when a blind man walks across a busy intersection with a white cane, but dutifully stops at a red light, we are amazed, but that is not really insightful. We know that that once the light of his eyes had been taken away, he still had the power of insight, which came from reflection on other sources of reflection on the movement of traffic and the voices of people.

I think this fascinating.

Yes, an insight can also cause problems – but most of us would agree that sometimes that is the very thing that works!

I asked a friend in the electrical business to explain how light impacts darkness, and he had a very simple reply: “View darkness as the absence of light, as you would cold, which is basically the absence of heat.”

My mind clicked – if that is true, and we choose to stay in the dark, we cannot help but receive light, even if we are choosing to reject it. Why? The very decision to reject it proves light of some kind or another – and this time that light is in us. But someone also said, if the light that we have within becomes darkness there is a major problem! It is like salt without savor, as Jesus points out.

I heard someone say it this way – “It really is ok to talk, and even to talk with yourself – even answer yourself, but something is wrong if you have to ask, ‘huh’ in reply!”

Have you ever shopped in an area of the store where lights were burned out? Why would that irritate you and I? We like to have light on something that we perceive will cost us in a way that we will perceive (there it is again) in some way. (Less money in our pocket, or less value for amount spent.)

To expand the horizons of my thinking, I am beginning to read the Book of Genesis in the Bible out loud. There I read that “darkness was on the face of the deep”, until God said, “Let there be light.” I also know that God is Light, and there is no darkness in Him at all. I have also read John with new interest.

All He has to do is show up – and light has impacted darkness.

Ultimately, then, if darkness is powerless, anything that happens can be traced to light in some way . . . even if it is misperceived, and we get more darkness to deal with.

I find it intriguing that Jesus, Himself, said He was the Light of the World. Why does the Bible say this about both God and Jesus? Are they related in some way?

When Jesus came to our world, the world did not comprehend him. At least this is what the Bible says in the beginning of St. John.

We are drawn to light by nature . . . whether it is natural light, the light of insight, or the effect of light – enlightenment.

Light is still the ultimate Cause. Just for fun, why not read Genesis 1 and John 1, and reflect on the word “light” as you find it there. Draw your own conclusions, giving proper place to light and its effect.

Did you happen to think of anything else in the process? Why? Is that also related to the impact of light?

Why not assess a problem in this manner – considering that light is behind the problem in some way?
Just thinking . . .

Thursday, January 15, 2015


My wife and I have been privileged to attend a Wesleyan Church event in Orlando, Florida called the "Gathering".

This opportunity came completely by surprise. I have also encountered other surprises on this trip!

I had been praying about a difficult situation, and the Lord surprised me by showing a new meaning behind a well-known slogan, "Safety is no accident". Now, I know all too well, that, contrary to popular opinion, you cannot always operate safely. However, the slogan itself is no accident either! If you act wisely, according to standards that have been put there because of the experience of countless others, the statement embodies a great truth.

It was around about that time that I encountered a young family in the hallway of the hotel where we were staying. A mother was pushing a baby buggy with a brand new baby. I congratulated her, and then saw that her husband and a little boy were following behind. The little boy was wheeling a huge suitcase for a little boy, and I said, "Wow, what a heavy load for a little boy!" Both parents smiled, but the little boy had a different response.

Correcting me very quickly and firmly, he said, "No, it is a SUITCASE!"

I had to sit up and take notice - how often life appears to be a disaster everywhere we look, and we think, "I cannot operate safely in this kind of an environment", until a child corrects us!

"No, it is a SUITCASE!"

Looking at me intently, the little boy continued . . . "The only trouble is, it keeps falling down!"

Oh my, another insight on top of the first one!

Then the Holy Spirit said, "Remember, Paul, every burden is a suitcase that tells us we are headed for a world beyond today!"

It was shortly after that that the hotel music system played, "Beyond the Sunset". How do massive hotel chains think of a Christian who needs a reminder of God's providence? Oh, I know that it may have been just the melody, not a Christian song.

But it is still something to think about. I am sure a lot of people will have explanations . . . but don't we often see His great providence in little things if we have the heart for it!