Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Virus

The “made-from-scratch” lasagna just did not appeal to me. I was not, however, going to let this golden opportunity go! After all, it was New Year’s! The more I ate, the more I knew I should not have started at all!

All of my body’s resources were being used for purposes I did not understand. Digesting food was not a part of that agenda!

All of it ended up a waste, (if you know what I mean!). I apparently had fallen prey to viral flu!

Generally speaking, I don’t have that much trouble with bacteria. I rarely get a cold. I discovered, however, that viruses are different. I wasn’t ready for this one!

Viruses “use” living cells for their own reproductive work. They have their own agenda, apart from the normal routines of the body. They are not even cells – but rather “messages” wrapped in a deceptive protein coat. They “program” your body to serve their own subversive interests. Like thieves, they steal every resource available for their destructive agenda, whether you are healthy or not.

After draining my body of all available resources, I felt like a rag doll that had been given to a puppy to play with! It took several days to recuperate.

Bible history illustrates how Israel, apparently weary of a “law approach” to life under the leadership of judges, thought that life under a monarch would be better. It looked as if things would be better with this type of government. After patiently warning them of the consequences of such a move, God chose a suitable, gifted young leader, named Saul. However, the experience of being king soon went “to his head”.

Saul’s influence, or the “message” of his immature approach to life, like a “virus”, misled the entire nation. His heart was seen as he even usurped Samuel’s place in a worship experience prior to a significant battle.

God, in his jealous love for Israel, instructed Samuel to seek for a man to replace him who would have a shepherd’s heart like His own. This young man’s name was David. He was more interested in having God’s approval than simply being “in control”.

Life is full of “messages”. We all need to ask ourselves which of them best aligns us with the message of the One who serves higher interests above our own.

Perhaps I would have done better with the “flu”, had I not been so determined to have my own way, such as being alert to what was happening in my body! The flu and a ravenous appetite did not go together! I survived, and I hope I am wiser for the experience.

I hope I am wise enough to apply the principle in other areas of life as well!

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