Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trunk Lids and Flash Drives

It was one of those mornings!

I went to the garage on my way to work, wanting to make the “finish line” of my day as delightful as the start. Suddenly, I remembered that I had forgotten to take the project with me that I had intended to do that very day! It was on a small flash drive, still plugged into my computer in the house! I ran back inside, retrieved it, and got back in the car.

By now I was running late, so I began to “multi-task”. I pushed the garage door opener just before I started the car, only to have another frantic thought that I had not pushed the garage door opener! Would you believe it, I then actually pushed it again, as I started to back out. Horrified, I realized that the garage door was now headed for the top of my car! The awful screech revealed that the last move was totally futile!

Personal regrets, fear of failure, how others view us, narrow time constraints, are all arch-enemies of life. Ironically, none of them are really in our sphere of control. Like supersonic planes, we struggle getting through our own “sound barrier”. The wiser we become, the more determined we become, yet more susceptible to failure.

Passion and precision are crucial – but we take great risks when things we cannot control blur the picture! Why would we risk those for external proofs of the same? Jesus once let a dear friend die, when he could have healed him right on the spot. When he finally arrived on the scene, he was severely criticized! His spirit demonstrated the true meaning of excellence, as he raised him from the dead! (See the story in John 11:1-45.)

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