Monday, October 4, 2010

Hi! You chose a beautiful day to walk!

The comment came from a man delivering a notice of service suspension. The one walking had stopped him briefly to ask if he knew a friend from the same place of employment. The one walking had been listening to an mp3 player on a beautiful fall day. Motioning towards his headset, he asked, “What are you listening to?”

“I’m listening to the Book of Revelation”, he replied. Then, without giving him a chance to explain why he had asked, he continued, “I am listening to it, hoping the Lord will help me understand it better so that I can communicate the heart of its message better in a Bible Study group tonight.”

(He was also thinking to himself, “I am also here because someone didn’t call back to explain why they didn’t call back after a reminder of an appointment, only to find out that their young family had experienced the loss of a pet in the middle of the night. A part of the time spent in the middle of the night, was to explain how the pet would not come back.)

The man making the delivery said, “It sure looks like that Revelation is being fulfilled right in front of our eyes these days, doesn’t it! We are in troubled times. This reminds me that I also have unfinished business with God.” Then, thoughtfully, he said, “By the way, while you are walking, will you please pray for me?”

“I certainly will! In fact, I can do it for you right now!”

“Oh no! No! No!”, he stammered loudly, “Um, Um, I really need to be going now. I am supposed to be working. I really have my own private way of praying anyway!”

As he started the truck, he said, “But, I still do want you to pray for me as you walk. Will you?”

“I’ll be glad to! Have a great day!”

The conversation was over almost as quickly as it had begun, and the man went on his way.

As the walker resumed his exercise, he began to pray for the gentleman, and began to marvel at how the whole incident had occurred.

1. Curiosity had led to the incident. One was trying to understand the deeper message of Revelation, after an appointment had fallen through. The other desired to be kind to someone being given a warning, while also trying to find peace with his Maker. He was surprised at what the one walking was doing at the same time.
2. It was obvious that both were seeking the Lord. The Bible record has many stories of those who sought truth in God, and how they had met those who sought God’s word in order to have a heart for truth.
3. Both were at wits-end corner.
4. Both were attempting to understand the other person’s point of view.
5. Both were attempting to keep a “heart” secret. The man in the truck wanted answers to his prayers, but was afraid that he wouldn’t be accepted. The man walking was seeking God’s heart, not wanting to hinder someone’s search for truth. (Luke 18:10)
6. Both were attempting to live obediently, under authority. In this process, we learn to discern the difference between position and character. As they met, they both discovered.
7. The man walking remembered Matthew 8, where a centurion told Jesus about his compassion toward his suffering servant, asking Jesus to heal him. When Jesus offered to go to his house, he said he wasn’t worthy. Instead he told him that a simple word would bring the healing needed. Rather than condemn the man for not trusting Him, Jesus commended his faith, and spoke the word, and the servant was healed.

Which one do you identify with? One speaks of despairing hope, and the other of hopeless despair. Could it be that the Lord Jesus Himself, by the power of the Holy spirit arranged the entire incident?

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