Friday, August 8, 2008

Openness or Secrecy

Interesting, isn't it, how people respond to being “on display”. Some “eat it up”, others detest it!

Some of my most embarrassing memories of childhood were etched in home movies that my parents and siblings just loved to see! At the time they were photographed, I was secretly intent on convincing everyone that “I” was indeed worth noticing! However, when the old movie cam caught me at my own game, I was less than impressed!

Others I have known have been the exact opposite. My paternal grandfather, for example, was a joyful person, and thoroughly enjoyed a good laugh. Ironically, when his picture was taken, he always made sure to frown! I have often wondered why. I also wonder how he “really” felt when seeing his own picture. Did he say, “Now that is how a person is supposed to act!”

Funny, isn't it, how at times we find ourselves as being “unknown, unappreciated, or maybe even dis-trusted”. At that time we feel an urgent need to make some kind of a “statement.” Then it backfires! At that time we find that people know more about us than we give them credit for. Such was the case with Moses in Exodus 2:14.

How does a person get beyond this kind of “friction” in our goal of our super-sonic mission in life?Is this what Jesus was talking about when he said we should be:

1. “Giv-ers” without focusing on benefits;
2. “Pray-ers” without focusing on reputation;
3. “Do-without-ers” while pretending to be joyful.

. . . so that God the Father can be openly reward with the satisfaction we crave. (Matthew 6)

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