Monday, August 4, 2008

What goes around comes around!

I have often used a three-point outline in public speaking:

1) Life is a Test - that is, Life tests our values, etc.
2) Life is a Tryst - an old term for a "date" - or appointment
3) Life is a Trust - what I do with it really does matter.

I have used it often enough for church services, funerals, that I can pretty well quote it.

However, what I haven't always been aware of, is that it really is true - even with the principles themselves! For example,

1) If life really is a test, then things will happen to prove it;
2) If life really is a date, then there are things that we alone can do, in the framework we have;
3) If life really is a trust, then there will be a product.

Here I have it - for sure - and it lines up with the "Laws of the Harvest", so to speak - I am actually going to try to do a periodic blog. (I don't promise I'll do it everyday - but I'll do it often enough to keep from getting my blog cancelled, or taken off of someone's RSS feed just because I "don't do 'nothin'"!)

1) I have often thought it was a good idea. Well, what if someone actually believes you, and helps you do it? Then . . . ya gotta do it, right?
2) If ideas are based on the stuff the universe is made of - then just perhaps I have a specific "date", or appointment to meet to share it with the people I know and care about.
3) Have you ever considered how much of life is impacted just because of a simple idea?

Welcome to my blog . . . I'd love to hear your take on this . . .

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Tim Wilson said...

Dad, good start to your blog. I am going to send you some readers now :) Get ready :)